Green City Market

The GREEN CITY MARKET is probably my favorite institution in the city. It's a farmer's market held for a little over half the year (it's still going now), where the farmers are all focused on environmental sustainability (many are organic). The quality is totally outstanding -- comparing the produce from the GCM to supermarket produce (even upmarket grocery stores like Whole Foods) is just silly -- stuff from the GCM is just so much more vibrant, full-flavored, and just a joy to cook with. The variety is incredible (e.g. there were over a dozen varieties of eggplants at the market in September), and it's a farmer's market so food is generally inexpensive. There are great fruit vendors at the market, too. You can also get excellent eggs (the kind with deep orange yolks and intense, rich flavor). There's even a vendor who sells incredible flour (I didn't know flour could vary so much, but it really really does). There's a great goat cheese vendor from southern Indiana, Capriole, who's at the market from time to time -- Capriole's goat cheese is considered some of the finest in the country. The GCM just has amazing, real food, unlike any grocery store. Here's their website: I think everyone in Culinary who cooks regularly should be aware of this market!