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Books 2 eat poll
Eat your words!

Culinary Club is hosting a Books2Eat event as part of FOTA, Spring 2006. The event involves creating books from edible materials and then eating the masterpieces. The workshop will take place open-house fashion in the early evening for 1 ½ hours. In the hour immediately following the workshop, we will invite people to look at the recently created works of others. The event will culminate with the eating of all the books. Edible materials includes graham crackers, matzahs, icing, peanut butter, puff pastry, etc. All works of art (aka edible books) will then be documented on the Culinary Club website, with artist names, materials, and pictures and this website will then be submitted to the main Books2Eat website!

Please fill out a quick yes/no poll below to aid us in the preparation of the event. We appreciate your feedback!

From our description of the Books2Eat event, would you be interested in participating in the event?

For more information on the international Books 2 Eat festival, visit books2eat.com.