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Chocolate Tasting
Fruity, and a Little Nutty

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Monday, February 13, 2006
Location: Stuart

Priya tables at Reynolds Club.
(A cell phone pic. Please excuse the pic's horrid quality.)

One of many customers! Pistachio brownies quickly disappear.

"All around the world, people eat chocolate!"
This is not actually what Priya's saying, she's probably describing some historically informative and interesting tidbit about chocolate that I failed to catch since I was too busy tripping over bookbags and feet while passing out flights of chocolate.

Anxious tasters awaiting the next flight.

Tongs poised, Teresa serves Jesse a dark morsel.

Between flights of chocolate, tasters are encouraged to drink water and chew on bread to cleanse their palates.

Talking, tasting, discussing.

Priya pauses for a taste of forastero.

13 flights of chocolate. (Of which 11 are single origin dark chocolates.)

Chocolate Tasting Extras

The flyer.

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