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Tuesday, May 27
Organic Cheese-tasting
Angelic Organics Learning Center, 64th and Kimbark
6 to 8 pm
A tasting of organic cheeses from a variety of Illinois and Wisconsin farms! Cheese was accompanied by fresh organic fruit and locally produced Woodlawn honey.
Brought to you in collaboration with the First Presbyterian Church and Angelic Organics.

Cooking lesson
scheduled for 7th or 8th week, canceled due to absence of confirmation from Aramark (the venue provider)
Theme: Pasta, or Italian food.

Thursday, April 17
Knife Skills Wrokshop
6 to 7 pm, Bartlett Hall (meet on 1st floor by stairs to dining hall)
A member of the University's food service team gives a hands-on lesson on how to use a knife safely and efficiently, as well as professional techniques for cutting various foods, creating a variety of shapes, and taking care of your knives.

Monday, April 14
Slow Food Dinner
6 pm, Resident Masters' Apartment, Shoreland Hall
Bob Pollatta and other members of Slow Food Chicago speak on Slow Food Campus and the Ark of Taste, with time after the talk for guests' questions. A fascinating event for anyone interested in food politics or related issues.

Tuesday, April 8
Student Publications Event with *Free Desserts* by the Culinary Club!
7 pm, McCormick Lounge
A chance to learn more about the various student publications on campus, network with other writers, and eat a variety of free homemade sweet treats!

Wednesday, February 27
Cake-decorating class
7 to 9 pm, Ida Noyes Library
How to ice a cake like a pro. Run by Cakewalk Chicago. A beginner workshop introducing basic techniques for creating sweet decorations for all occasions, at a fee of only $10 per cake (including instruction, supplies and your decorated masterpiece!)

Monday, February 18
Reynolds Club
Valentine's day fundraiser
Cookies (chocolate chip and heart-shaped sugar, both frosted and not) sold to raise funds for the club, and as part of an effort to break the monopoly of the Chinese bun on the student diet.

Saturday, January 26
International Food Festival (IFF)
8:30-10 pm (dessert course), Ida Noyes
Distribution of said cookies (see next event item) for consumption, free of charge.

Friday, January 25
IFF Baking Party
3 to 6 pm, Snell-Hitchcock Kitchen
Massive quantities of Australian Anzac cookies, Dutch spekulaas (spice cookies), French palmiers, and Italian pignoli (pine nut cookies) baked for distribution at the club's IFF booth the next day.

Saturday, January 19
Ethiopian Restaurant Trip
Something fun to do on a Saturday, and an excuse to get out of Hyde Park, for those curious about Ethiopian food: an outing to the Ethiopian restaurant, the Queen of Sheba Cafe (Yelp review here). Good food and fairly inexpensive (often less than $10 per person, after tax, for a full meal). It's also both vegetarian and omnivore/carnivore-friendly.
Meet at 5 pm in the lobby of Ratner, or at 5:10 at the bus stop at the corner of 55th and Ellis.

Thursday, November 15
Dumpling Study Break
8 pm, Hutch Commons
Pierogis from Pierogi Place, and homemade apple dumplings! A delicious starchy antidote to Atkins.


Thursday, May 24
Trip to Chicago Farm
Last event of the 2006/07 school year!
5 to 8 pm
A trip to Chicago's City Farm for an informational tour followed by dinner on the premises. The City Farm, located just West of downtown Chicago, supplies organic produce to some of the best restaurants in the city, including Frontera Grill, Lula Cafe, and North Pond Restaurant. The City Farm also sells its produce to the general public through an on-site farmer's market. Trip participants will take a short tour of the farm and then enjoy a meal prepared with food grown in Chicago's own soil. This trip will not only introduce the City Farm to a broader audience but also will raise awareness in the student body of Chicago's local food culture and, more broadly, the sustainable food movement and its philosophy.

Sunday, May 20
French Cooking Demonstration
2 pm, La Petite Folie
Did not happen, due to unforeseen circumstances. However, here's a description of the deliciousness that might have been for the curious:
Mary Mastricola, owner of and chef at La Petite Folie (located at Hyde Park Shopping Center, near 55th and Lake Park) will be hosting a free cooking demonstration at her restaurant to a small group of Culinary Club members. Mary is also an alumnus of the U of C, so this will also be a chance to learn about her own experiences at the university.

Saturday, May 19
Annual Pie-eating Contest
... Has unfortunately not taken place this year, due to a late notification that eating contests are no longer allowed during Summer Breeze. It will likely be restored in the future though, at a different time and location.

Sunday, May 13
(Cookies at) Festival of Nations
The Culinary Club distributed desserts (sand tarts, dulce de leche macaroons, chocolate brownie cakes) at this event, which is sponsored by the International House and features food, music, and other activities to celebrate the multi-cultural community of our university.

Monday-Tuesday, April 23-24
Bake Sale
10 am to 3 pm, Reynolds Club
Lots of fresh, delicious desserts: caramel-nut bars, coconut-lemon bars, thumbprint cookies, fruit tarts, chocolate-covered strawberries, banana-nut and blueberry muffins, and chocolate chip cookies. Proceeds will fund our annual pie-eating contest.
Contact person:

Tuesday, February 27th
Chocolate Study Break
7 to 9 pm, Cox Lounge (Basement of Stuart Hall)
A study break featuring the sweet confections of The Fudge Pot, a family-run business located in Old Town that has been creating sweets since 1963. There will be:
chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate walnut turtles, almond bark, and chocolate lollipops.
In addition to eating chocolate, this is your chance to learn about:
- the history of chocolate
- chocolate-making
- chocolate in the global community/labor issues/commodity trading
- the modern era of chocolate (chocolate innovations, etc)
- chocolate terminology
- book & film resources/recipes/fun facts
Eat and learn about chocolate!
Contact person: Teresa

Friday, February 23rd
Cooking lesson: International desserts
3 to 6.30 pm, Flint house kitchen and lounge, Max Palevsky Central
In three sessions:
3pm: Caramelized Apple & Pear Tart (French)
4pm: Hamantashen (Jewish)
5pm: Galab Jamun (Indian), Green Tea Chocolate Almond Clusters (Japanese), and Mochi Balls with Sweet Red Bean Paste (Japanese)
6pm: Eat!! Each participant gets to sample all desserts
**FREE lesson taught by Culinary members.
Contact person: Teresa

Thursday February 15th
"Let them decorate cake!":
Cake-decorating workshop
7 to 9pm, Ida Noyes Library
Learn how to ice a cake like a pro. Run by Cakewalk Chicago (www.cakewalkchicago.com), this beginner workshop will introduce you to basic techniques for creating sweet decorations for all occasions.
Class fee: $10 per cake (including instruction and your decorated masterpiece!)
Contact person: Allison


Monday, May 22, 2006
Pictures!! are not up on this site yet. But, they can be found temporarily on Snapfish. So check out the Books2Eat and Pie-eating photos. Chomp!
Books2Eat photos & Summer Breeze Pie Eating photos

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Love pie? Love eating pie? Love eating lots of pie? Culinary Club presents the annual Summer Breeze Pie-Eating Contest on Saturday, May 20 at noon on the quads. Registration is $5 for a chance to win $50. Champs wanted! If interested in serving or eating pie, please contact Tom at austin2 [a] uchicago [dot] edu. Pie rawks!

Thanks to all of you who've made beautiful pieces (or pages, rather) of art at our FOTA Books2Eat festival yesterday! Pictures will be up soon and in the meantime, you can visit www.books2eat.com for some examples of edible creations. Thanks for participating.. we loved your works!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Navigate through Thursday April 20th's beer tasting online! Pictures, links, and documents are up at The Belgian Beer Tasting Portal.

Friday, April 21, 2006
Hope all enjoyed the 11 flights of Belgian alcoholic beverages. The barnyard bottles (Saison DUPONT and LINDEMANS Cuvee Rene Gueze) were quite an experience. Here are more events to look forward to:
*TOMORROW, (Saturday) Meet us at 2pm at Reynolds to bus over to Pilsen for a food-centric club outting. Feel free to hang out with us or wander off on your own while there.
*Pie-eaters for Summer Breeze on Saturday, May 20, 2006: contact Tom at austin2 [a] uchicago [dot] edu. $5 to enter, cash prize of $50.
*Screening of Crazy Legs Conti: The Zen and Art of Competitive Eating in Stuart in near future. The film will also be playing on a small screen during the pie-eating contest.
*Books2Eat FOTA workshop. Monday, May 15, 2006. Create edible books on the quads!

Also, chocolate tasting photos are now up. Feel free to drool to the (tall?), dark, and handsome morsels. Scroll up to the photos link or click here to view.

Sunday, April 16, 2006
Happy Easter! Hope you're all painting eggs. Anyhow, a few upcoming events:

Belgian Beverage Tasting
Thursday, April 20, Bartlett Lounge, 8pm
Free with $5 deposit (to be returned at tasting)
You must be at least 21 on the day of the event (born before April 21, 1985) and show a state-issued ID to both buy a ticket and to enter the event (NO EXCEPTIONS!). Space is limited!
Tickets are available tomorrow from 10-2:30 in the Reynolds Club and Tuesday from 10-2:30 in Cobb. We'll also be selling delcious brownies for only $1.
Also, there is a great wine class starting tomorrow! Email uofcwc [at] uchicago [dot] edu for more info.

Monday, February 13, 2006
Chocolate Tasting: Fruity, and a Little Nutty.
Thank you all who came out on a dreary Monday night for an evening of chocolate! For those of you who missed out on the event, (or have lost your convenient papers detailing facts and tasting notes on the chocolates), you can download the doc file by clicking here. Also, keep your eyes peeled, as I will be tacking up some photos from the event and perhaps even expanding the topic of chocolate into a page unto itself! (Who wants to learn more about chocolate tasting? How about competitive chocolate eating? I do! Click here and here to see the results of today's chocolate competitive eating contest here in our city of Chicago.) We thank our chocolate guru Priya for her extensive knowledge of this fine product of the cacao fruit (yes, it's a fruit!) and her willingness to share it with us all! We also hope to see you all in future Culinary Club events. Feel free to join our listhost by clicking here and check back for more information on future events including Belgian beverage tasting, coffee hour, Books2Eat (a workshop constructing, consuming, and cataloging books made of edible material during FOTA), and a pie eating contest (yay for competitive eating!) at Summer Breeze. (And for a treat, here are two very articles from New York Times detailing single origin chocolates and tasting high end chocolates. Although there's some skepticism about tasting the differences between single origin chocolates, as chocolate tasting is a very new up and coming trend, I think we've all experienced the very subtle and not-so-subtle differences in the chocolates to at least say that it's not at all 'all baloney!' Article 1 and Article 2. Happy reading!)

Monday, February 6, 2006
For Valentines Day, you can impress with extensive chocolate knowledge! Culinary Club will be hosting a chocolate tasting (think Wine-tasting, but instead of wine, think chocolate) for $3 to be held at Stuart 104 on Monday February 13, 8pm. Tickets for the tasting will be sold on Thursday, February 9th at Reynolds Club from 11-12, and Monday, February 13, at Cobb from 11-2. Learn how to talk about chocolate and test your palate with descriptions like earthy and deep flavor or spicy or hints of particular fruits. Try chocolates of different varieties from different regions! Contact Annie at asheng [at] uchicago [dot] edu for more information.

Friday, November 25,2005
Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you all had a rad time stuffing your faces with deliciously large quantities of food. For future happy food events, please click here to let us know if you're interested in Culinary Club's Spring 2006 plans for a Books2Eat event as part of FOTA. It's just a quick click to answer Yes or No to help us calculate interest and quantities of food that should be purchased. Thanks!

Also, for all of you spirited sweet-toothers, United States Postal Service has recently issued a Holiday Cookies set of 37-cent stamps. Click here for a preview or to buy online.

Sunday, November 13, 2005
Priya's Picks are now online. Click on the Links button to your left to view.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
A new year with a new layout.
The Culinary Club now has committees for upcoming events and trips. If interested in any of the following activities, please contact me (Annie) or Rachel (rachelf [a] uchicago dot edu): Classical Entertainment Society, Study breaks, Fundraising, IFF Baking and Planning, Chocolate Tasting, Wine/Beer Tasting, Cake Decorating, Restaurants, Books2Eat, Neighborhood Tours, Pie Eating Contest, Iron Chef, Potlucks, and SASA cooking lessons. For more information, click on the About link to your left. And for all y'all book-people, I found a list on Amazon that has interesting food-related reads: click here to check it out. Happy Halloween and hope you gorge up on delicious sticky treats.