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Welcome to the Culinary Club website. Chicago is simply not Chicago without the personalities of its foods and restaurants. The University of Chicago Culinary Club would like to introduce the University and the surrounding Hyde Park neighborhood to Chicago at its tastiest by publicizing places of gastronomical interest. The Culinary Club is a recognized student organization of the University of Chicago, with an agenda heavily based upon opening the community's eyes to food culture with such events as cooking lessons, trips to soup kitchens, providing culturally-themed dinners to the student body, and food-related seminars (including, for example, a beer tasting).

If you're interested in any of the following activities (would like to know what they're about, would like to help, etc.) or - especially, since our event-organizing decisions are heavily influenced by members' interest - if you'd like to suggest your own, contact me or Allison.

A sampling of past events

Study Break(s)
Fundraisers - e.g. bake sales
IFF (International Food Festival) booth
Chocolate tasting, wine/beer tasting - in short, tastings of any sort (subject to constraints, of course)
Restaurant visits
Culinary-themed neighborhood tours
Books2Eat (see books2eat.com)
Iron Chef
Cooking lessons
Classes - e.g. cake-decorating and knife skills

Other events

Pie-eating contest:
Prior to 2007, held annually during Summer Breeze in spring quarter; since eating contests are no longer allowed during Summer Breeze, future contests will be held at a different time and place if there is sufficient interest.


Board members (2007-2008)

Co-Presidents: Allison Cassing, Emma Boast
Treasurer: Betsy Sabroske
Webmaster: Yee Fay Lim
Board members:
Gabriel Bender, Lauren Guerrieri, Katie Moser

Board members for 2008-2009 to be decided early Fall 2008